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date publication article December 19, 2019
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Remise Trophées Vitrines Industrie du Futur

[Press] Ventana Arudy labeled “Vitrine Industrie du Futur”

It was during the association’s last Board of Directors meeting on January 30, 2019, that the Industry of the Future Alliance, chaired by Bruno Grandjean, labeled three new companies “Industry of the Future Showcase”, bringing the total number to 55 , with an objective given by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on September 20, of 100 “Showcases” in 2020.

The winners are, the company Dupliprint, Spie batignolles, and Ventana Arudy, expert in the field of precision sand foundry – engaged in an innovative path, concerning the production of large complex parts, in aluminum and magnesium, mainly for the aeronautical sector.

Awarded by an ad-hoc committee of the Industry of the Future Alliance – AIF – with the approval of its board of directors, the label “Industry Showcase of the Future” has been awarded since 2015, to companies that have concretely developed an innovative project for the organization of their production, in the broad sense, and in particular through digital technology and the place given to humans.

The AIF was seduced by the transformation of its foundry factory dating from 1938 and its process of evolution concerning its process, in order to gain competitiveness and become the world reference in terms of augmented manufacturing.

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