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date publication article December 18, 2018
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VENTANA Arudy awarded by Airbus Helicopters

VENTANA Arudy awarded by Airbus Helicopters

During the 2018 Helitech Show in Amsterdam, Airbus Helicopters presented Ventana Arudy with an award for outstanding industrial performance.

This award specifically commends the objectives met based on two key performance indicators: 1- On-time delivery rate: Ventana Arudy has had an on-time delivery rate with Airbus Helicopters close to 100% for a number of years, 2- A level of quality in keeping with the standards of one of Ventana Arudy’s top customers.

Note: Ventana Arudy was presented with an innovation Award in 2016, for the introduction of technological building blocks into our development process for new parts and mass production. The digital chain made up of all these technological building blocks reduces our customers’ development time by 4, halves NRC costs and lowers the reported weight of produced parts by around 10%.

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