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VENTANA Group, present in France, Austria, Sweden, Tunisia, and Portugal was created in 2003 and has since seen strong organic growth and simultaneously broadened its technological expertise. The Group now consists of 7 companies divided into 2 poles (mechanical and foundry) with complementary synergies, in an integrated and evolving organization.

Thanks to strong independent shareholders, VENTANA has invested more than 20 M€ (excluding acquisitions and creations) over the last 10 years to prepare the future to be at the service of its customers.

Our mission : to conceive and implement efficient manufacturing processes, which are increasingly more respectful of people and the environment, for your high value added metal components and sub-assemblies.

Our fields of excellence serve the most demanding industries such as aviation, space, defence, energy and motor sports.

By choosing to work in partnership with the VENTANA Group, you will be participating in a unique manufacturing experience made of sharing and fulfillment. Whether you are a project sponsor or are looking for a motivating professional experience, we are here to listen to your needs and suggestions.

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3 divisions

13 companies

1100 employees

90 M€ turn over

20 M€ invested



division foundry Foundry
division mecanical Mechanical
division mecaweld Mecaweld
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[Press] The transformation of VENTANA is paying off

[Press] The transformation of VENTANA is paying off

The transformation started 10 years ago. Ventana has embarked on the modernization of its foundry in Arudy thanks to the digital shift. Successful digital projects, recognized by the label "Vitrine...
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[Press] Aeronautics and space talents: discover the 2019 winners!
All Press

[Press] Aeronautics and space talents: discover the 2019 winners!

The eight laureates and their sponsors during the 5th edition of the New Aquitaine Aeronautics and Space Talents. (Credits: Agence APPA) The 5th edition of the New Aquitaine Aeronautics and...
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VENTANA Arudy awarded by Airbus Helicopters

VENTANA Arudy awarded by Airbus Helicopters

During the 2018 Helitech Show in Amsterdam, Airbus Helicopters presented Ventana Arudy with an award for outstanding industrial performance. This award specifically commends the objectives met based on two key...
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French Fab – 1 year with the French Fab – Echo 1
The French Fab

French Fab – 1 year with the French Fab – Echo 1

Gérard Russo, CEO of Ventana was interviewed during the round table for industrial innovation and introduced by Nicolas Dufourcq on 22 October for the 3rd BIG (Bpifrance Inno Generation): he...
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The year of 80 years old for Ventana

The year of 80 years old for Ventana

In 2008 Fonderie Messier, founded in 1938, became Ventana Arudy. In celebration of its 80th anniversary, a tour was organized to showcase the new digital tools as part of an...
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VENTANA opens its doors for the Industry Week

VENTANA opens its doors for the Industry Week

Like every year, VENTANA group has opened its doors for the Industry Week, to showcase our foundry and mechanical activities within an innovative environment. Our sites in Nouvelle Aquitaine and...
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VENTANA Solutions


Fruit of the technological innovations developed by VENTANA and its partners, constituting as many combinations of our core businesses to adapt to our customers’ needs.

Simplify your supply chain by opting for our sustainable and efficient solutions for the co-design, industrialisation and manufacturing of your high value-added metal components and sub-assemblies :

• One single contact point for the customer (the VENTANA customer sales support). Total control and management of the supply chain including our sub-contractors
• A common system of continuous improvement of our productions and processes
• International certification of our processes (ISO 9001, EN 9100 & NADCAP)


V-Solutions Refab With V-Refab, reproduce spare parts that cannot be found on the market, without tooling and in record time ! All we need is an OEM part, our reverse engineering resources and manufacturing processes will do the rest for you. Our partner Vint'air is your contact for the Vintage market, drawing on our expertise and industrial resources. V-Solutions Weldmill With V-Weldmill, combine mechanical welding with precision milling ! Our expertise is based on our mastery of tolerances and complex shapes, whatever the material, thanks to our experienced teams, who enjoy taking up your technical and industrial challenges.
V-Solutions Millcast With V-Millcast, profit from the expertise of the only French group to master light alloy sand casting and the associated machining of very complex parts ! V-Millcast is also a guarantee of a solid, sustainable supply chain relying on 4 foundries and 2 machining plants backed by VENTANA's integrated organization.
V-Solutions V-Hybcast With V-Hybcast, discover a light alloy sand casting you have never seen before: development times as short as ALM (Additive Layer Manufacturing), production repeatability on a par with a CNC machine tool, sharply reduced non-recurrent costs (NRC), not to mention total design flexibility for your new products. In a nutshell, the V-Hybcast hybrid foundry has all the advantages of direct manufacturing, without the drawbacks (metallurgic and dimensional stability, lower cost and no size limitation) !



VENTANA is giving itself the means to achieve its innovation ambitions (innovation being one of three strategic aims of its Agile 2018 company project) by investing heavily in research to optimise its manufacturing processes and V-Solutions, in line with its CSR policy.

Innofab collaborative project


Development of smart workstations and advanced measuring devices. This project will expand the use of digital tools whose virtual assistant will help operators in their daily tasks and training. The project will also help increase the appeal of the V-Weldmill and V-Millcast solutions. (CORAC's Aeronautical Factory of the Future platform)

Amande collaborative project


A study on the impact that the direct manufacturing process for magnesium alloy parts has on the operating performance of these parts. This project will provide VENTANA clients with assistance on the design of their products using V-solutions, particularly V-Hybcast, V-Millcast and V-Refab. (CORAC's Aeronautical Factory of the Future platform)


This project will characterise and compare various additive manufacturing processes of high-performance alloys to incorporate them into our V- Weldmill and V-Refab V-Solutions. It will also help develop a cross-border network of French and Spanish industrial partners. (Poctefa European project)

Serious Game

A New Chance for Guidance

As part of the "Nouvelle Chance pour l'Orientation" (A New Chance for Guidance) scheme launched by the Aquitaine Regional Council, VENTANA helped to create, in collaboration with the Guynemer High School in Oloron, a convincing prototype developed by 2 microbusinesses from Aquitaine, namely Néomades in Bidart and Tikki Move in Bordeaux.

Thanks to the supervision of UIMM Adour Atlantique, the project then expanded to a nationwide app, encompassing several dozen casting, machining and soon mechanical welding jobs.

You too can download the NCO app and test your aptitude for these fascinating jobs, by doing a search on "NCO UIMM" from your App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).


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