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VENTANA Group, present in France, Austria and Sweden, was created in 2003 and has since seen strong organic growth and simultaneously broadened its technological expertise. The Group now consists of 7 companies divided into 2 poles (mechanical and foundry) with complementary synergies, in an integrated and evolving organization.

Thanks to strong independent shareholders, VENTANA has invested more than 20 M€ (excluding acquisitions and creations) over the last 10 years to prepare the future to be at the service of its customers.

Our mission : to conceive and implement efficient manufacturing processes, which are increasingly more respectful of people and the environment, for your high value added metal components and sub-assemblies.

Our fields of excellence serve the most demanding industries such as aviation, space, defence, energy and motor sports.

By choosing to work in partnership with the VENTANA Group, you will be participating in a unique manufacturing experience made of sharing and fulfillment. Whether you are a project sponsor or are looking for a motivating professional experience, we are here to listen to your needs and suggestions.

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2 divisions

7 companies

500 employees

3 Banque de France rating

55 M€ turn over

20 M€ invested



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