Ventana masters full digital integration of all development and manufacturing steps of high-technology metal sub-assemblies and parts and is the world leader of Indirect Additive Manufacturing. Awarded “Industry of the Future” in 2019, Ventana’s Foundry Division will guide you towards the foundry solutions best suited to your needs among the following technological choices:
Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Plaster Moulding

Ventana Foundry

With its 4 subsidiaries located in France, Austria and Sweden, Ventana’s Foundry Division represents 40% of Ventana Group’s sales with an Export share of over 50%. Ventana Foundry addresses the high tech fields of Aeronautics, Defense, Automotive and Medical.

Foundry's technologies

At the forefront of Innovation, the Ventana Engineering teams will guide you towards the most suitable Design and Material for your Casting using our cutting-edge study and simulation tools, enriched by a unique data base filled with our long casting experience, in order to achieve the functional needs of your equipment.
Design, Weight and Cost optimization are proposed either directly based Co-design or via the integration of topological design optimization.

Indirect Additive Manufacturing

Ventana Foundry is the World Leader in Indirect Additive Manufacturing (IAM) of Magnesium Alloys.
Ventana’s IAM is the best compromise between Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing supported by the latest algorithms for simulations, studies and 3D printing of molds.
Our solutions allow
  • To divide the development cycle by 4
  • To divide the industrialization costs by 2
  • To reduce the mass on average by 30%


Design Optimization

In the preliminary design phases of your project, call on our foundry experts for Co-Engineering to optimize the design, weight and overall cost of your equipment.

Multicultural organization

Ventana Foundry manages the day-to-day relationship with our customers from several business sectors, in France and all over the world. Our teams are trained to adapt to your culture and reply to your needs.

At the cutting edge of innovation

“Innovation comes from all of us" (C. Richard)
Staying one step ahead by involving our teams in Innovation projects is the pride of Ventana.

Solution V-Hybcast

Ventana’s Hybrid Casting Solution is the ideal combination of 3D printed molds and traditionally produced molds in order to optimize quality, recurring and non-recurring cost of your equipment


Complementary Offer

You need a casting, we have the technological solution. Our teams will work with you on the most suitable solution for your equipment, for any industry sector.

The environnement

In full compliance with Reach regulations, Ventana Foundry recycles Sand, Resins, Metals, Shavings and Tools. Innovation is one of our levers in the service of environmental protection

Our plants



Founded in 1938 and integrated into the Ventana group in 2008, Ventana Foundry Arudy is world leader in complex magnesium and aluminum castings with excellent mechanical characteristics due to the sand casting process (weight up to 650 kg).

The plant works for high-tech sectors like aerospace, defense and automotive sports.



Founded in 1948 and integrated into the Ventana group in 2016, Ventana Foundry Kapfenberg is specialized in the production of steel, inconel and aluminum castings with low thicknesses, excellent surface quality and strong mechanical characteristics for cutting-edge sectors like Defense, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive and other industries.



Founded in 1971 and integrated into the Ventana group in 2016, Ventana Foundry Hackås is specialized in the realization of aluminum castings with small thicknesses and excellent surface quality due to the Plaster Foundry process (up to 70 kg).

The plant works for innovative sectors like Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Naval and Automotive.



Founded in 1921 and integrated into the Ventana group in 2012, Ventana Foundry Toulouse is specialized in complex aluminum castings with excellent mechanical characteristics due to the sand casting process (weight up to 70kg).

The plant works for high-tech sectors like aerospace and defense..

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