auteur article VENTANA
date publication article September 4, 2017
catégorie article Innovation, Project
Aircraft maintenance door

EOLE, a new collaborative and innovative project for VENTANA

Ventana helped manufacture an aircraft maintenance door which was presented at the International Paris Air Show 2017.

The project, named EOLE, was headed by Sogeclair in collaboration with CTIF and Voxeljet. It showcased the advantages of 3D printing whilst making use of qualified materials and processes. The door’s design was optimised to make a lightweight architecture that is able to incorporate complex elements.

Ventana’s lost wax process was used to obtain a thin-walled casting with excellent surface condition and controlled tolerances and material integrity, which makes it easier to carry out final machining on the part.

The project looks set to provide a 30% reduction in weight, reduce costs and allow for flexibility in design and manufacturing for prototypes and mass production, which can then be transposed to structures larger than 2 metres.

More informations about the International Paris Air Show : SIAE 2017

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