Echo 1 – 1 year with the French Fab

Gérard Russo, CEO of Ventana was interviewed during the round table for industrial innovation and introduced by Nicolas Dufourcq on 22 October for the 3rd BIG (Bpifrance Inno Generation): he spoke about the benefits of French Fab and the technological advances that boost our intermediate sized company.

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VENTANA is proud to be part of the French Fab

“The French Fab is a state of mind, showing the world that French industry is not dead, that it is reviving”, said Gérard Russo to Bpifrance.



Every year, VENTANA invests 2.5M€ in R&D and recently acquired a state-of-the-art 3D printer for sand moulds and cores as well as a digital X-ray machine for large sized parts. This reinforces the position of the VENTANA Foundry Division as a world leader in 4.0 foundries. To be part of the French Fab is to fly the flag of excellence of French SMEs and ISEs, to be committed to growth, to conquer new international markets, to integrate digital technology and to adopt more environment friendly processes.

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