VENTANA Arudy awarded by Airbus Helicopters

During the 2018 Helitech Show in Amsterdam, Airbus Helicopters presented Ventana Arudy with an award for outstanding industrial performance.

This award specifically commends the objectives met based on two key performance indicators: 1- On-time delivery rate: Ventana Arudy has had an on-time delivery rate with Airbus Helicopters close to 100% for a number of years, 2- A level of quality in keeping with the standards of one of Ventana Arudy’s top customers.

Note: Ventana Arudy was presented with an innovation Award in 2016, for the introduction of technological building blocks into our development process for new parts and mass production. The digital chain made up of all these technological building blocks reduces our customers’ development time by 4, halves NRC costs and lowers the reported weight of produced parts by around 10%.

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VENTANA pursues its investment policy !

The shop floor of Ventana’s Narcastet site, specialising in precision machining of complex assemblies and sub-assemblies, incorporated on November 21 a new equipment unit: a DOOSAN V8300 vertical turning centre.

The system, due to be commissioned on december 14, will be a great addition to the site’s current capabilities for machining parts up to a diameter of 830mm. The C-axis complements the range with a milling/drilling function. This machine is also associated with 23 C6 capto tool stations as well as a 70 bar high-pressure pump.

These investments allow the site to upgrade its solutions and enhance its capacities. With this investment, Ventana Narcastet supports its customers and their developments and offers new perspectives for future customers.

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VENTANA opens its doors for the Industry Week

Like every year, VENTANA group has opened its doors for the Industry Week, to showcase our foundry and mechanical activities within an innovative environment.

Our sites in Nouvelle Aquitaine and in the Paris Region have raised awareness of industrial activities for high school students, associations and employment seekers undergoing professional retraining.

A tour combining an overview of our expertise was also organized for 17 partners (training bodies, employment agencies, temporary employment agencies, institutions) at the sites of Narcastet and Arudy.

The Industry Week is also an opportunity to inform the general public about our permanent or temporary job offer: in 2017, more than half of our work-study contracts offers were taken thanks to this event.

Browse our job offers.

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VENTANA is proud to be part of the French Fab

“The French Fab is a state of mind, showing the world that French industry is not dead, that it is reviving”, said Gérard Russo to Bpifrance.



Every year, VENTANA invests 2.5M€ in R&D and recently acquired a state-of-the-art 3D printer for sand moulds and cores as well as a digital X-ray machine for large sized parts. This reinforces the position of the VENTANA Foundry Division as a world leader in 4.0 foundries. To be part of the French Fab is to fly the flag of excellence of French SMEs and ISEs, to be committed to growth, to conquer new international markets, to integrate digital technology and to adopt more environment friendly processes.

>> Read our second article Echo 1 – 1 an de La French Fab to get more informations.

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Guided tour of VENTANA Arudy on Wednesday 22 November for the employees’ families

VENTANA Arudy hosted a special event for its employees’ families: 123 visitors attended and were shown around the site, following the steps of the production cycle of a miniature aircraft (visit of the process planning department for design, 3D printer for mould elements, watching casting, non destructive tests, etc.).

After completing the ‘young founder’s quiz’ specially prepared for the event, each child went home with their own model airplane.

This educational and friendly experience was a great success. Ventana Arudy wishes to host this event again.

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VENTANA Argenteuil teams up with the ESTACA engineering school for the ‘Formula Student Challenge’

The Formula Student is an international challenge. The programme kicked off in the USA in 1981 on SAE’s (Society of Automotive Engineers) initiative and has now gained worldwide acclaim. The Estaca Formula Team association aims to design and build a single-seater racing car to compete in the Formula Student championship.

VENTANA’s Argenteuil site, specialising in the development of mechanically welded constructions actively, contributed to the project by supporting the school’s association in building the vehicle’s tubular steel chassis.

The Estaca team commissioned our teams for the following operations on the racing car: floor, roll cage and brace checking, welding and rebalancing, as well as final assembly with all the chassis tubes and the assembly interfaces.

The car was unveiled on 9 March 2017 on VENTANA’s Argenteuil site. Our employees had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel and enjoy the fine work performed by the school, with which we will pursue our partnership.

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VENTANA Taverny specialises in machining vaned parts: from leading/trailing edge programming to checking.

Faced with the growing demand from its customers for blade and vaned part prototypes, Ventana Taverny made a number of investments in 2017: dedicated programming software, specific continuous 5 axis tools, leading and trailing edge checking software.

These new solutions were implemented throughout the year, generating a turnover of almost €2.3 million in 2017. New projects are in the pipeline for 2018.
Regardless of the material used (Aluminium, Titanium, Stainless or Inconel), Ventana Taverny is the partner of choice for this type of parts.

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Deployment of digital radiography at VENTANA Arudy

The industrial metamorphosis of the site, which began in 2016, is continuing with the acquisition of a latest-generation digital radiography machine that can control large parts.

As part of its commitment to always provide better service to customers, the Ventana group is continuing to develop the Arudy plant. Already equipped with a 3D printer, non-contact measurement systems, digital data acquisition and manufacturing systems, this forward-thinking foundry, now also has a digital radiography unit. This new, non-destructive control device uses AI software designed to address the complexity of the products we manufacture.

This is our response to the inevitable developments in the requirements of the markets in which we operate.

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