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date publication article December 21, 2017
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formula student challenge

VENTANA Argenteuil teams up with the ESTACA engineering school for the ‘Formula Student Challenge’

The Formula Student is an international challenge. The programme kicked off in the USA in 1981 on SAE’s (Society of Automotive Engineers) initiative and has now gained worldwide acclaim. The Estaca Formula Team association aims to design and build a single-seater racing car to compete in the Formula Student championship.

VENTANA’s Argenteuil site, specialising in the development of mechanically welded constructions actively, contributed to the project by supporting the school’s association in building the vehicle’s tubular steel chassis.

The Estaca team commissioned our teams for the following operations on the racing car: floor, roll cage and brace checking, welding and rebalancing, as well as final assembly with all the chassis tubes and the assembly interfaces.

The car was unveiled on 9 March 2017 on VENTANA’s Argenteuil site. Our employees had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel and enjoy the fine work performed by the school, with which we will pursue our partnership.

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