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date publication article May 15, 2020
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Alsenam has joined the Ventana group.

Ventana thus completes its offer of global solutions by bringing together in a new Boiler / Mechanic-welded pole created for this purpose, the experience, know-how and respective skills of Ventana Argenteuil and Alsenam, based in Mérignac (33), Narcastet (64) and Sousse (Tunisia).

This new activity center, with more than 200 employees and generating more than € 22m in turnover, thus becomes a major French player in sheet metal work, mechanical welding for the aeronautics, space and defense.

The Ventana group designs and implements efficient manufacturing processes (V-Solutions), always more respectful of people and the environment, for high-value metal components and assemblies

The integration of these three new entities within its Boiler / Mechanic-welded division will open up new business horizons for him and allow his customers to benefit from very attractive manufacturing solutions.

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