auteur article VENTANA
date publication article May 2, 2017
catégorie article Innovation
Helicopter / Airbus Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters congratulates VENTANA Arudy for its excellent industrial performance

For the third year running, Airbus Helicopters has measured an OTD rate of 100% from VENTANA Arudy. This is great recognition of the thorough work carried out by all the teams at VENTANA to successfully maintain, over time, our position as one of the best major suppliers in the EDPOI perimeter (dynamic systems – castings, forgings, machining and components).

The quality of our relationship, the transparency of our information and the reliability of our commitments also contribute to ensuring VENTANA Arudy’s major customer is fully satisfied.

To sustain its performance, VENTANA is continuing its digital migration by transforming the historic Arudy site into a foundry of the future, in order to make it more agile and to adapt to the ever more demanding needs of high-technology markets.

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